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Tiny Kaiju Tidy Time is a 3D Platformer with Metroidvania elements. Explore an open level constructed of the main character's imagination, using buildable structures to expand platforming capabilities and collect toys before the time is up! Free building gives multiple paths to progress throughout the level, allowing unique gameplay and replay-ability.

Click here to view the game on!

What I did:

  • Brainstorming and ideation for game play and execution within a group

  • Coded the build and destruction system

  • UI layout and UI art

  • Acted as co-producer facilitating organization within the team 


Fish Bowl

Created for MI 455, Fish Bowl is an AR-based first-person fish-blasting mobile arcade game in which you must travel between multiple spectator sections of an undersea sports game, and use a vacuum to suck up small sea creatures and shoot them back out into the mouths of hungry predators also in the spectator stands to satisfy their hunger as a vendor during halftime.

What I did:

  • AR Programming Implementation

  • Gameplay Programming

  • Brainstorming and ideation gameplay within a group of pears


Mail Delivery

A game solo developed for MI 231at MSU, this game is about delivering mail as fast as possible! Using a map, sort the mail so that you have the most optimized route and then hand deliver the mail to every house.

What I did:

  • All models

  • Coded all systems

Mail Delivery Gameplay_Moment.jpg

Midnight Snack

Made for the Summer 2022 Spartasoft Online Game Jam, Midnight Snack is a game about surviving as a cold-blooded lizard in the desert. Constantly losing heat to the chill of night, you must eat enough bugs to satisfy your hunger before time runs out!

Click here to view the game on!

What I did:

  • Coded the movement system for the lizard

  • Brainstorming and ideas for game play and execution within a group



Made for a Game Jam in 2020, Faileontologist is a game about putting together sets of dinosaur bones for display. The closer to the original you get, the better your score will be... But it might be more fun to make your own creatures to put on display.

Global Game Jam Link

What I did:

  • Background illustrations - Made in Adobe Photoshop

  • Bone illustrations - Made in Adobe Photoshop

  • Brainstorming and ideas for game play and execution within a group

Faileontologist Screenshot
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